The walk 😬. KALA

One day I took my dog for a walk in the park, and he was acting funny you would think I would like that but no it was very weird. I was actually starting to get scared so I started to pull him back to our house… Then everything stopped and froze but me, but I would not leave my dog there so I stood there and hugged my dog with all my strength. So I was thinking “ I’m going to pull on my dog with all my might and hope that he comes with me. And he did come.’

The traffic light by senee

Hi I’m Paul and once me, mom, and my brother were in my dads car. There was this drunk driver that couldn’t see the red light and he passed the red light while ours was a green light. My brother told my mom to stop but mommy didn’t listen and the car crashed everything stoped and after one week the drunk driver was fine but my brother wasn’t… he was in a coma and after 5 months he finally woke up but the doctor told us that he had only 4 months to live. I was devastated then after 4 months he died…

Science fair/Alina

It was a few days until the last day of school. Almost summer yes! But my happiness didn’t stay when my teacher said science fair ugh! I’m horrible at science, and then I see Katie clapping and saying yay! Katie is a star student a teachers pet, but she’s also the school bully. Well I did my project on rockets because that was easy, but when I heard what Katie was making my mouth dropped. A robot! The day came and the judges saw everyone’s. Then Katie was screaming everything was working then everything stopped and ugh. It was hilarious!


One day a boy named Chad went for a bike ride but then…every one stopped and… Chad went forward. So then he saw everyone wasn’t moving, and he was just kept moving. Then he wondered “I wonder what I could do with no one moving,” so he had and idea to mess up his sisters room. So he got so excited so he messed up his sisters room, and then went to his friends house. Then he got in his friends house, and messed up his whole house he even accidentally broke his vase. So after he went to bed.

The Robot By Mark

On Tuesday the science fair is here. I am going to make a robot. When I was I finished doing the engine my robot turn on for 30 seconds but then everything stopped and my robot powered down. Then i saw a mouse by my engine and it was chewing my chords and killed my engine. Then i worked on replacing the cords with metal covered cords. Then I am going to paint my robot. On the science fair I saw all sorts of science experiment. There was an volcano. Then the judges toke a vote and i won the fair