THE MAN. By Kala

Yesterday my friends and I were riding our bicycles and we went to the woods. But I went in front because I had the yellow bicycle.Which of course yellow is the best bike. But I was also the biggest scaredy cat out of us all. But I greedily wanted all the glory so I went in front on pourpus Plus I needed to get some attention I was desperate for people to notice me. Then we get hit by a rough wind it even made my bike blow away. I took that wind as nature saying you have been warned.


One day a boy named Conner was riding is bicycle, but then he tripped on a rock and hurt his knee. Then Conner was very desperate for a band aid. Then someone in a yellow jacket came, and gave him a band aid. Then the guy in the yellow jacket warned him that he was gonna put some liquid that would hurt on his knee. Conner then got up and very greedily took some bread from his mom, and was mad at that guy. Conner was mad at that guy because now is knee hurt for the whole entire day.

Yellow bicycle/Alina

My little brother was a naughty kid. Usually whenever we have chores we get money, but he wouldn’t because he would do bad things like put my mothers white blouse with her red blouse. But one day he was desperate for a new bike, but he only had a quarter so he begged and begged. My parents said he already had a bike, but he wanted the new red bike with the yellow stripes. They said no but he greedily grabbed my little sisters money and left. I warned him that I would tell mom. But he got in trouble.

100 Word Challenge Mark

One day in summer I was watching tv when someone knocked on the door. When I opened the door it was my neighbor. He was desperate to use my yellow bicycle for a competition. I said “it was fine” but I warned him to be careful. When I went to give my bike to him, he greedily snatched it from my hands. I asked to come watch him, and he said yes. At the competition, he came in first place and he got a trophy. When we got back to my house he returned my yellow bike and went home.

100 W/C-Cameron

One day I was riding my yellow bicycle down the street. When I was riding down the street I saw a desperate family begging for food because they were homeless. Then I saw a man in the bank greedily take a woman’s purse. So then once the bank alarms went off. The police were on the way because the police station was right next to it. The police cars had their sirens that warned the people and the robbers but the purse stealing was a diversion of what is areally the plan. To be continued.

By, Cameron M.