Excuse Me. By Kala

Hi I’m a reporter from channel 5 news.And I am here today to tell you about a very important dog cat mix. She is a half dog and half cat, but today is her big day she is going to prom tonight. And she was so exited she was pretty much stress eating about being exited. She was getting her hair all done and she left the house. Then a kid walking by started petting her hair. Oh she was mad she screamed” exuse me I don’t know what you were doing but watch where you are going. He said “ no .”

Charley 100 w/c

I think that picture looks like a queen messed up in spider webs. I also think that the queen is in her castle or kingdom, and is crying. Then I think that her husband comes, saves her from her spider webs, and saves her life. Then I think her and her husband go out for dinner at a five star restaurant, and she thinks the food is bad so she gets a divorce with her husband. Then she finds this nice guy named harry so she marries him and they live happy life together and forever, and then they breakup.

The Ghost of Christmas Jayla 100W/C

I was setting up the Christmas Tree with my family, singing my favorite Christmas songs. After I was done, I went to bed, thinking about all of the gifts I would get. I started to doze off to sleep, but heard something downstairs. I woke up and went down to see what was making the sound. To my surprise, I saw the tree moving!!! The bottom turned into a red gown. The top turned into bowl-shaped head with small lights near the corners. I looked closely, and saw a gray figure in the gown that said, “Merry Christmas” and vanished.

Ashlynn 100 W/C

“What’s this?” Asked Kirsten

“I’m not sure. It looks like a monster” said Albert

“Well we have to do something. It’s blocking the way”

Kirsten and Albert got lost from their tour guide in a weird castle


“Was that you Kirsten?”


“NEVER MESS AROUND WITH MY CASTLE EVER AGAIN” said a creepy voice behind them

“RUN!” Said Albert and Kirsten

“Albert its this way out!! I can hear George and Clay!”

“Lets go before that thing comes to life again”

“Kirsten? Albert? Where were you?” Said George

“Yeah” said Clay


”Well…we will tell you later”


The crazy queen 100w/c Aidan

There was a queen named Meijer. She was the craziest queen and everyone hated her. The day came when she told her men to attack the citizens and the citizens ran. God told her “ENOUGH!”The queen said “What god?.”Your head is going to disappear but the queen didn’t listen. She punished her men and god made her head disappear. The knights told the citizens the queen is dead. She was not dead. When they arrived she had an army of headless horse men and attacked all of the knights and the citizens. They ran but the queen found them dead.