The Leaf Umbrella Jayla 100W/C

In 1853, a white castle stood on a hill. The people who lived inside were a king, queen, and prince named Mike. Mike was very crafty when it came to outside. Every day he would make a new creation for his family as a gift, and one day, Mike made the impossible: The Leaf Umbrella. While Mike was rolling around a tree, he noticed leaves falling down from it. He had the idea to make a leaf umbrella out of the leaves. He got to work, and the creation was done. Mike walked home, proud, with his new leaf umbrella.

The run away ball-Ruth

“Oh no, my white ball is rolling down the hill!” shouts Anna.

“Maybe that big pile of leaves will stop it!” screams Anna’s friend Charley.

“If the ball rolls too far, it will go into the castle and then we will never get it back!” yells Anna.

“Maybe we can get a big board to get the ball?” whispers Charley.

“Yes that’s a crafty idea!” whispers Anna.

They went to go get a big long board and then brought it back to the castle with them.

“It worked!” they both screamed.

“Now we have our ball.” says Charley.

Let’s play.


100w/c- Kirk

One day I had a dream that I was rolling in a white castle on top of leaves that were crafty. I saw one leaf, and it was an odd color, it was purple. I picked it up and i got sent to a different universe. It had everything I ever wanted. I got to stay in a a five star hotel it was so big. Everything was gold and silver. Then my Dad woke me up for school. I was so tired. Once i got out the shower I realized that it wasn’t a dream it was actually real.

100 wc/ Senee

Hi I am Paul and I live in a big, WHITE, CASTLE.  I love where I am and where I live. My family loves me and I love them. My sister is like a CRAFTY kid she loves to jump in piles of LEAVES. Well would you look at that my sister is ROLLING down the big hill into piles of leaves. “ May I offer you your favorite food?” the butler says. “Yes please.” I say. “Ok it will be ready in a minute.” The butler said” “I hope I get paid for doing my job.” The butler said quietly.


One day my friend and I Tyler were on the beach, and we were rolling all round in the sand. Then we decided to get crafty so we built a white sand castle, and there were leaves every where. Then Tyler and I went swimming, but then it got cold so we went home to my house where it was much warmer. Then when we got in my house we went to change and we played MLB the show 20 which was our favorite baseball video game. We played an exhibition game he was the padres and I was the cubs.