There once was a nice little village that had only men.  So one day the king of the little village said that he wanted to go and find a woman.  Everyone thought it was a bad  idea but the king didn’t listen.  He went off with his men and horse to find her.  When they reached a large kingdom they found a beautiful woman.  The king kidnapped her and took her back to their village.  But what they didn’t know was that she had magical powers and she froze the whole entire village to whatever color she wanted them to be.

My village Lana

I am, Lana, and I live in Florida. My family’s town is separated by color, my color is blue for brave, green is helpful, and red is honesty. The reds are in charge of the town, and blue protects the town. One day, we got shots and everybody was under the control of the reds. I was not under the control because I was special. We had to stand in lines outside in the hot sun. Then, I noticed it was every single color that was being controlled. I then saw what they were doing, they’re trying to melt us!

The parade. Ella

Today is January 12, 2020. My friend Lily and I are making our way down the street to the parade. Everyone is required to go. Lily’s face was sad as we found our place in line with the other kids. This parade was not a fun place, but a place where we will be frozen forever. The man holding the freeze gun walked up to me. He aimed the gun at my stomach and fired. A vibrant shield lifted around me stopping me from turning to stone. The man looked at me with wide eyes and fired again, this time at my friend.

The Soldiers By, Niko

  • In 6740, there was a big war. It was called World War 8. Every country fought in this war. Australia barley had any soldiers, but they still fought. Australia’s allies were, America, Italy, and most of Europe. They fought very hard, but all of the soldiers died. They made statues of them in front of the opera house. It is a tribute to those that lost their lives to protect the country. The colors represent how long they lived. If it is red, they were in their twenty’s. Blue means that they are in their thirty’s. Yellow means that they are 40. Thank you.

The Plastic Patriots-Kam

These are patriots from China.  They are so patriotic that they refused to leave during the alien invasion.  The aliens were big .  They had different color liquid plastic because they looked weird and they needed to protect themselves.  Anyone who came close was quickly covered in thick plastic.  I thought it would be the end of them.  I thought they would run because the aliens were huge.  Looking back at it now, I just think the aliens wanted some friends.  I’ll be their friend if they come back some day.  Just, aliens if you see this, please don’t freeze me!