The Banana Factory -Tiarah

My sister, Marley, and I went to the Banana Factory.  A worker greeted us at the front door, and said, “Welcome to the Banana Factory!”  We walked over to an employee mixing a yellow substance. Marley asked, “What is that?”  The employee said, “This is the banana mixture made of sunflower, and kale!” The bowl looked heavy, as machines added ingredients.  On a shelf we saw black, rotten, bananas that were damaged from over mixing. On a higher shelf, there were good looking bananas. Marley said, “An employee jumped on a trampoline to get up there!!”  I said, “THAT’S bananas!!”


Their once was a black banana that only jumped one day it had to pick up a heavy and damaged box. So the banana tried really hard, and couldn’t do it. So the banana kept trying but couldn’t do it so he called a man to help him. So the man came and the man showed the banana how to pick up the box. Then one day the banana was tired of trying so he quit and never touched a box again. The banana hated that man for making a fool of the black banana for picking up the box.