Where did the banana peal comes from?-Isabel

One day the people were moving out of the house.  They were moving something heavy and black.  One of the movers had lunch and had a banana for lunch.  He had finished lunch and threw the banana peal on the ground.  The other guy did not see the banana peal on the floor and he slipped on a banana peal and damaged the heavy, black thing.  Seeing what happened to the other guy, he jumped over the banana peal.  But, he did not see the other banana peal on the ground, and slipped on it and broke his left leg.

Everything is black by Madison

One day I was in my bed peacefully sleeping then I heard rain. When I woke up a black heavy ball was on my bed. So I got up and looked around my room then I realized everything was black. My room was black, my mirror was black, my dresser was black, and my toothbrush. So I quickly ran to the kitchen and the bananas were black too. This is crazy. So I ran to my parents room jumped on the bed and said everything is black. Also I think I did some damage to their back’s. To be continued

100 wc carmen

Kelly was getting ready for school and it was breakfast time. She was in a rush. She just decided to eat a banana. She carried her black backpack which was surprisingly heavy. She missed the bus so she had to run to school. She jumped over a log and tripped and thought she damaged her foot. This man came and asked her if she was okay. She said, “Yes.” The man took her and put her in his car. He drove her to her house. She walked in and it was really dark. She walked in Happy Birthday said mom.  

The Black Banana-Kam

The black banana was sad.  He had no friends at school because of his bruised skin and heavy peel.  But today, he will change that.  His plan is to make all the bananas at his school bruised, starting with Joe.  The Heavy Black banana jumped over the fence and damaged his peel even more.  “Dang,”said the banana, “now i’ll get bullied more.”  But The banana is not okay with the bullying anymore.  The reason I know this is because I am Joe.  His name is Brad.  But, he’s wrong. I am sad too.  I am crying because I don’t  have bruises.

My fault by Olivija

One day in 2010 I was eating at a restaurant. I accidentally slipped on a gross black banana peel that was probably rotting for days. I tried to jump but it was no use i had took so much damage to my head that I fell unconscious…. when I woke up in a hospital bed with my mom when my mom when she saw me she screamed,”DOCTOR” and when the doctor came in he told me its 2020 and I said “WHAT”. I had been in a coma for 10 years and now with all these new virusesI might not even turn 20.