We took no notice of the sign. By Isabel

We took no notice of the sign that was hanging over our heads.  Maybe, that is why we could not go in the shop.  The sign said that it was closed at noon.  Will reopen at 2 p.m.  So we decided to go to the park, across the street to wait for it to open up again.  At the park we noticed that there was a tournament of chess.  We were so into the game, that we almost forgot about the store being opened.  We started to get up to go to the store.  We got what we wanted to get.

The escape room by Olivija

One day 2 best friends were in an escape room. It was about some virus spreading and we had to take care of a patient. But, of course it was a mannequin, right? That’s what I thought to.The second I touched that thing it got up and licked my face EW! Then the Employee pressed a button that made the floor fall. We hung on to the sides of the floor. I’m trying to hold on’ he shouted but, after that nobody ever saw us again. Every day we wait  for new people to come and watch them fall right through the floor.

The roller coaster Ella

My family and I are just now arriving at the theme park. My brother loves roller coasters so we head straight to the huge blue one in the center of the park. As we get in to line I over hear that one of the carts had a bad seatbelt and someone had fallen earlier that day. I became super worried as we loaded in. When we were at the top of the hill I heard my brother,”I’m trying to hold on!”he shouted. As quickly as I could I reached out and held him in his seat until the ride ended.

The Dunk Contest – Kaden

On August 18, 1993, my friends and I went to recess to do a dunk contest. We lowered the basketball hoop so that we could touch rim. Curtis threw the ball off the backboard and with both hands, slammed it down. Mr. Willis gave Curtis a ten. Then, it was my turn and did an in-between the legs 360 windmill. Mr. Willis gave me an eleven because he was so dumbfounded. Lastly, it was Kam’s turn. He did a normal two hand dunk and was so scared to jump down. “ I’m trying to hold on,’’ he shouted. We then left him there, dangling.

The Vacation That Went Wrong. By, Niko

John and Jessica were on their 3rd anniversary, and they went to the Grand Canyon to celebrate. They were both good at hiking, so they were not worried. John and Jessica did other things before they hiked. They went to fancy restaurants and amusement parks. Juan and Jessica got ready for the hike. They started hiking and everything was a fine, until John tripped on a rock and he fell off. In a flash, the tour guide grabbed John’s arm. “ I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. The guide pulled him up. They’ll never forget that dangerous and embarrassing moment.