The pullover-Kam

When we were driving down a lonely strip of road, my friend started driving really fast.  We were going so fast that my hat flew off. I thought we were going to crash.  Then we drove past a stop sign. We took no notice of the sign because we were going so fast.  Then we saw red and blue light behind us.  It was the cops.  for some reason instead of stopping my friend kept driving and hit a pole.  He got fined $500 and 2 days in jail.  Looking back at it now it was dumb. I’m never driving again!

The scariest roller coaster By, Niko

My friends and I were in Universal Studios and we were having a great time. We did the Fast and Furios ride. It was a beautiful day. We did everything, but one ride. The Mummy ride. We have never been on the mummy ride, so we were super exited, but we all hate rides that go backwards, that do tight turns, and that have big scary drops.  We were lucky that they bought the quick queue. There was a sign that said, backward movement, and big drops. We did the ride, and we were terrified. We never did it again.

Worst Day Ever. Ella

The fair is finally in my town and my mom said I could go. My family and I are an adventurous group of people so we often go on the big rides. This time I am going to go on the big drop ride with my sister. My mom and dad are packing the car with sunscreen and our water bottles for the day. As soon as they got done we all got into the car. We got  on to the highway for a while. We took no notice of the sign as we sped down the highway. Bye fair 🙁

Signs bye jade

Emily and i were going to the mall.We went to the Disney store and saw my ex-best friend. Also it was my ex-best friend Anniversary. We (Emily) took notice of the sign and we kicked her.The security came and then he just talk to us.Like that’s not okay and that other burning stuff.Emily and I thought it would be fun to do the 24 hour challenge in the mall.We tried it and fell asleep and when we woke up we were at my house.It was sooooo fun, but then Emily had to go.WE were like best sleepover ever.Thats the story.The End. BYe.

The Ballet Lana

My mom loves ballets and dances. My mom really wanted to go see the nutcracker, while it was in Chicago. We went on January 2, 2021 and my mom had no trouble parking. I thought that was super weird. My mom went to the auditorium and the theater was not open. We had to drive back home and we saw that we took no notice of the sign on the way to the theater. The nutcracker would never preform again because other ballet makers were stealing the nutcracker, copy writing, and they were not taking the blame. My mom was so sad.