The weird Saturday by Madison

It is Saturday and we all love Saturday because it is the weekend. No school, homework, no this no that just free. Then when my friends kosiso and jade asked if i wanted to go shopping. I responded sure so when we went to the mall none of the shops were open. We all said what in the North Pole. We were all so confused about what was going on. So we went back to kosiso house and said that we have to figure it out. So we put on black clothes and we were on a mission. The end

Giova . . .

There was once a girl named Sayori, and she wanted to go to Target. She got on her bike, and went to Target. It was a Saturday morning, and the stores were usually open. When she got to town, she was confused. She said, “ Although it’s Saturday, nothing is open..” She was getting suspicious, and went to Target to see for herself. Sayori saw nothing, she got worried, so she rode back home. While she was on her way home, she got a text saying, “Sorry that the stores were closed, everyone had work today.” She rode back home, safely.


On Saturday time I ran out of food so I went to the supermarket although it was Saturday, nothing was open. It was weird so I asked Gavin when is the supermarket going to be open. He said, “They will be open tomorrow.” I was surprised usually the supermarket was open on Saturday, and was closed on Sunday. So I looked all over the house for some food and couldn’t find any. I then called Gavin and asked if he had food he said, “Yeah I have some food,” then I said “Thanks I’ll be there in five minutes sharp.

The Doughnut-Gavin

Yesterday John and Barry went to get doughnuts and it was a Saturday. None of the shops were open though so they both went home and went to sleep. When they woke up they went to the same doughnut shop and surprisingly it was open. Barry said “Although it was Saturday nothing was open”.

”Yeah, I know” said John. So John and Barry proceeded to get their favorite doughnuts, strawberry and vanilla. They went home and brain stormed why the shop was closed yesterday. They came to the simple and obvious conclusion that they were just out very, very late.

Worst Saturday Ever – Kaden

I was so exited because I was free all weekend. I was going to call my friends and play some video games after returning the clothes that were small for me. I went to return the sweat pants that were short for me but the store was closed. I checked on my phone to see if it was a holiday or something. Apparently it was Martin Luther King Jr day so I went back to my house and told my mom. She said I could return the sweats tomorrow. Then I called my friends and played video games all day.