The City That Wasn’t Open Today. By, Niko

It was Friday evening, and everything was almost closed for 5 hours. John and Juan are sleeping and powering up for the next day. It is now Saturday, a shopping day for them, but something was off. Although it is Saturday, nothing was open. There are no cars and no people. John took a deep breath and yelled HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No one answered, but he heard someone walking. He then realized that it was a surprise party. They were ready to surprise John, because it was his birthday. They came our and yelled SSSSSSSURRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRISe! John is flabbergasted. He said,” Thank You everyone.”

Abandoned Village Lana

I am ten years old. My name is Lana. My father and I travel the world to see dolphins. We once got lost in a town. I was seven, and my dad went to a grocery store. Although it was Saturday, there was nothing open, so we starved. We finally found a village that was open and had a feast. Now my dad and I want to go back to that village. We went to the village and there were still no people. We decided to call this the abandoned village. I love adventures because they’re so fun. The End!!!!

Disappointing Saturday. Ella

Today is the best day of the week! It is a Saturday! Today there is no school, I got to sleep in, and I get to go to the mall. At the moment it is almost noon, which means mall time! I quickly rush in the car with my mom. As soon as we get there I rush to the jewelry store. Then I see it is closed. Although it was Saturday, nothing was open. This had to be the worst Saturday ever. Since there was no jewelry store open there was no point in staying. I went home disappointed.

I’m mad bye jade

I woke up extremely fast because it was shopping day.I went to my bathroom and took a shower, brush my teeth, and all my other stuff.I put on a crop top with longing since it was still summer.My mom was downstairs cooking pancakes.They were yummy.I had to wait til my mom gets ready.When she was done we went to the garage and got into the car.We were at the mall, but i noticed something.The lights were off and we were the only cars around.Although,It was Saturday nothing was opened.I was so so so so so mad.So,we went home.The end bye.


It was early summer and I wanted to go shopping but it was a Saturday and none of the shops were open. So I wanted to just stay home and watch Netflix,get in comfy pajamas, and call my friends to come play with me. I went to call my mom and asked if they can come and she said yes. They came over and we played. On sunday we went to the mall and bought cute clothes and rompers. When we came back we tried them on and we had to return some because they were to tight. They left.