The Creepy House Lana

My name is Emily, and I have lived my life in a doorbell. Here is how it happened. I was a mail collector, but I did not find any mail in the mail box of a creepy house. I went up to the door of the house, I  knocked on the door and it opened itself.  Then, I was pushed outside and got sucked into the doorbell. The house was soon named Murder House, after I disappeared. Nobody knew that I was in that doorbell, until one day someone was brave enough to ring the doorbell. I was finally free!

The Secret Door. Ella

It has been hard for me these last couple of days because I just moved from Georgia to Indiana. I don’t know if you have ever moved, but it is a big change. Today is my first day of school in this new town and I have no idea where I am supposed to be going. As I walk along the houses they all look friendly except for one. I slowly walk up to the house. When I get closer a picture falls down and reveals a secret button. I walk up and  press the button. Suddenly, my vision goes dark.

The doorbell carmen

There is a house in the woods with a golden door bell. This girl named Tracy decided to go into the house one day. She rang on the doorbell and music started playing. She never really noticed the house was old and raggedy. It was super small. Someone walked up and said who is it. Tracy didn’t want to use her real name so she said Olivia. The girl opened up the door and Tracy saw a cute teenage girl with blonde hair and on the inside was this beautiful pink mansion. I asked her how she said the doorbell. 


The house by Olivija

One day, long ago 5 kids that lived in mane wandered in to a forest one late July evening. They thought it was safe. They lived in a nice area with nearly to no crime. But, they turned out to be very wrong. Once they entered the forest they smelt an awful horrid smell. They decided to follow the smell while they were walking they heard foot steps behind them but, they just brushed it off when the found the source of the smell it was a house. Then, they rang the bell, a door opens, and they were pushed in.

eH -gIoVa

One day, Katsumi was riding her bike, and she saw a house. She slowly pedaled her bike to the house. Katsumi was known for always going in houses, so, she went in. All she saw were cobwebs, nothing like the horror movies she had seen. She walked in a little more, and saw a girl that was playing with a freaky doll. Okay, maybe she wasn’t safe, so she walked out of the house. But  the girl walked out as well, and asked her, “Why are you leaving?” Katsumi didn’t reply, she just got on her bike, and went home.