100 wc carmen

One day there was a kid named Georgie. He wanted this cool yellow bike. He went to get the bike and the store owner said it was cursed. Whatever Georgie said. Nothing I can’t handle. He was riding than saw a cloud it said are you scared. Georgie pushed no. The bike went upside down and looped and then stuck to a tree. Georgie disappeared to the unknown. Georgie has stories and toys about him and now kids know not to buy a bike without a parent. Georgies parents are still searching but know they won’t find him. The end.

The Lost Yellow Bike – Kaden

There was a girl named Taylor and she was on a bike ride. She was going to make one circle around her neighborhood. She was stopping midway through to hang out with her friend. She put her bike in her friends driveway and entered her house. She was there for a couple of hours playing games, played volleyball, and would read. When it was time for her to go back to her house she said bye but then she couldn’t find her bike. She was looking for it for so long then she saw it and got back home safely.


One time I was riding my bike to school then I heard a scream! By the way I forgot to mention there are zombies! So i hear a scream so I hang up my bike to go see what’s happening. A girl was getting attacked! So I went to help this girl so I pulled out my katana then my bike moved by itself, then it killed the zombie.I was surprised! Then the bike went back to the spot I put it at. I did not want touch the bike because it was steaming. I was very scared and Happy!

Bike-Gavin Green

There was a boy kept getting his bike stolen by the school bully so he had to come up with a spot to hide his bike.he tried using a blanket to cover it. The bully found it and drew mean stuff on on it. He asked his mom what he should do and she said tell the teacher. He tried that and his teacher didn’t believe him because his bike wasn’t at school so there was no proof. The boy came up with his own idea and tied it to a tree. The bully never found it again.

The End

Maiyah The bike that saved

Their once was a guy named Micheal. He was riding his bike with his friends as they were riding they notice that the electronic poll was leaning like it was going to fall, seconds later it fell and Micheal he was brave enough the put his bike under the poll to save all the people under it. Micheal was a little injured.As soon as the president heard he was amazed and gave him a very important document that meant that he put his bike under a electronic poll when it was falling, and to let the whole nation know it.