The dog that could drive. Ella

Yesterday, one of the strangest things happened! A vehicle playing music came up onto my driveway. The music blasting from the speakers was Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Reputation. When I approached the car I noticed that it had no driver. I then slowly opened the front door and climbed into the front seat. I knew how to drive, since I had started drivers training last month. However, I still did not have my drivers license. Suddenly, I heard a muffled squeak from a dog toy coming from the back seat. Then I realized the dog was the one driving!

The bear that drove a monster truck – Kaden

There was once a furry bear that was always showing off his vehicle, his monster truck. He would always climb in his monster truck and play his music all the way up. He would go 90 miles an hour or more when he drove it and make everyone look like they were as slow as a sloth. It annoyed everyone when he would go so fast and when he would get to close to cars and crash. None of the cops even bothered to give him a ticket. Then one time he was going to fast and crashed into someone and died.

Maiyah Road the giant Koala

There once was a family they went to Australia. The first they went to go see the Great Barrier Reef, and went swimming. After they were finished they went back to the hotel. The next day they got into the vehicle and played music while they were going to see koalas so they had a big surprise for the family so they got out of the car and climbed a lot of stairs but they finally made it. To my surprise they were riding a big furry koala. It was so much fun for the family riding the amazing large Koala.

The panda. Lana

I live on the safari in South Africa and see a lot of animals. I LOVE the safari so much. I have a pet panda. Her name is Fluffy. She is so furry and cute, but also very slow. My vehicle plays only 90’s music. I like going to the shops about a mile away from my house. One day, when I was going to work, Fluffy climbed into my car. I was already late for work but today Fluffy made me really late. She got into the car but very slowly. I still think Fluffy is best pet ever.

100 wc carmen

It was an ordinary day at school and Hannah came in in her sweet pink vehicle with rap music blasting. She had to run to the gym so she doesn’t get lake. She claimed the stairs and tripped on the furry carpet. Slowest a boy helped her up named Luke and Hannah thought he was really cute. He took her to the nurses office and asked her if she wanted to go to the snowball dance with him. She said yes but while she said it she threw up all over him and then she was lonely to the snowball.