One time I got to see Batman’s bat vehicle! So I climbed in the bat mobile slowly and then I felt something thing weird some furry seats! It was so cool I even got a tour of the bat cave .The bat cave is so cool like it has cars, big rooms, and helicopters. Batman let me ride in his helicopters! I even got to try on Batman’s suit! I could tell you Batman’s secret name but I’ll keep that private. Then I got to go in his mansion, and I met Robin I felt so cool. See you later.

THE ZOO bye jade

I wake up and I realize toady is zoo day.I rush out of bed and hop in the shower and listen to some music.Then I went downstairs to get in the vehicle.I went to the zoo and I saw A furry wolf. Then I was walking around and saw a monkey climbed slowly up a tree. I saw a cheetah, elephant, flamingo, a gorilla, bird’s, an eagle, zebra, kangaroo. Then I went back home and take a longggggggggggggg bath. Then i ate Mac and cheese for dinner. After that I went back up stairs and climbed up in the bed.

The furry cat that climbed into my vehicle. -Isabel

One day I was in my vehicle, listening to music while I was waiting for a friend to meet me at the park. The windows were opened and I was enjoying weather. All of a sudden, I see something coming slowly towards the car. It was a furry little cat, that climbed into the car to listen to some music. I did not know that this cat enjoyed the music so much. Then it started to move with the music. Next thing I knew, my friend came and said what a nice black cat you have. I said thank you.

Kosiso. Vehicle music climbed furry slowly

One day Mackenzie was driving in her vehicle and she saw a furry koala bear and was moving very slowly. Slower than her grandma. She was listening to music. Mackenzie was going to the zoo Because she liked animals. They were walking and then they saw a stray cat and Mackenzie always wanted a cat so she asked her grandma if she can keep it and she said yes. But the down side was that if someone was looking for their cat she would have to return it. When she got home the cat started to climb on top of things.

The Furry Fox -Giova

One day, I went in my vehicle to ride to the mountains. As I was driving, I saw a fox. I quickly went out of my car, and to my surprise, that fox was beautiful. The fox had golden eyes, white furry fur, and a pretty tail. I asked the fox, “Do you want to come with me to the mountains?” It jumped, and I opened the car door for it, then it hopped in. (The music was very loud.) I made there, it jumped out of my car, and climbed the the mountains slowly. I never saw the fox again. 🙂