My puppet show. Lana

I have loved puppet shows from the day I was born. I am now twenty-five and have my own puppet show. This is my preview. Hannah is five, and she has a seven year old sister named, Lily. They were walking to a grocery store when they met a dog. “Which way is it to the shops?” it panted. We told the dog named, Brownie, to follow us because the grocery store is right near the shops. The dog was a mischievous dog because he was hiding from his owner. The owner finally found him snooping around the clothes shop.

100 wc carmen

There was a mouse who painted everything he said. He was looking for a candidate shop and “Which way to the shops?” it panted on a piece of paper. He went to the candy shop and took a lollipop that said if you eat this you lose your painting abilities. He eat the whole thing and then painted and he couldn’t. He started crying then found a pretty mouse who proposed. He said,”yes.” Then she said, “as long as you paint for me.” He couldn’t paint then felt depressed. He went back home and then cried and cried. End.

The Shops-Kam

My mother and I were on the couch watching tv and then she shouted “I forgot…we need to go to the shops. We both rushed to get our coats. The problem was when we started walking my mom said “Which way to the shops?” Then a rabbit ran from the bushes “The shops are that way” it panted clearly tired. Then my mom and I went to the shops. When we got what we needed we went back home. When we got back home my mom made an amazing dinner. We wouldn’t have eaten if it weren’t for that rabbit.


I woke up that Saturday morning.I was so tired, but my mom called me.She said go to the shop to buy her these new shoes she wanted.I was like why she said because i said so.So i got ready brush my teeth and took a shower like usual.I went downstairs to eat breakfast which was cereal.I just wanted to stay home all day.But,i had no choice but to do it.So i ran and ran until I said where are the shops i panted. So i ran back home and i told my mom the story.So i stayed home.The end. Bye

The dog Ella

The little white shih tzu puppy was still new to the world. She was still learning how to get food. Soon the puppy learned shops were the best place to be. When she woke up this morning she was in a sushi mood. She saw a rabbit run up to a little girl,”which way to the shops?” It panted. The shih tzu was pretty sure the girl didn’t know what the rabbit said but the little girl still pointed to the shops around the corner. The puppy followed the brown rabbit and feasted on sushi all day long. The end!