The Bullies. Lana

My name is Jill. I have moved a total of seven times in my life, and I am only 10. I go to a different school every year, and it’s hard to be the new kid. For that reason, I am bullied a lot. One time, I was riding my yellow bike to the store, but I was followed by my enemies. I parked my bike next to a tree and ran to the store. I came back and my biggest enemy, John, was tying my bike to the tree. I stood up to John, and now we are best friends.

The Yellow Bike -Giova

One day, there was a rider riding her bike, and then she saw am amazing sight. It was clouds making a heart in the sky, she parked her bike by a poll, (whatever you call that.) and left to look at them. When she got back, her bike was like tied to the poll. She felt so sad, and mad. Her bike must’ve been encountered by a mean guy, and just wanted to ruin a little kid’s day. She did feel bad, too. It was kinda obvious that somebody tied it up. She’ll most likely ask someone for help.

Billy the scarf. Ella

Billy is not like any other scarf. He can talk and act like humans. More than anything Billy loves to ride his yellow bike. He often rides it to the park down the road. One day when he was on his way to the park three boys jumped out from behind some bushes. They grabbed him off his bike so fast Billy became so dizzy his head started to hurt. One of the boys started telling Billy how he really liked his bike. Next thing he knew the boys were tying Billy’s bike to a tree. Billy cried all night.

The lost bike by, Niko

Juan likes to bike and run. Today, he has an exercise that involves biking and running. He has to bike for 30 minutes and then run for 30 minutes. He starts to bike really fast, and he becomes exhausted. Juan is really happy to be done biking. Juan Ties his bike to a tree, since he has to start running. When he finishes, he goes to his house and realizes that he forgot his bike. His dad sends him to his room for 5 hours because he is furious. Juan’s mom took away the PS680 for 5 weeks. The bike is still there today.

The bike Bye:Jade

I was outside running.When I saw this yellow bike hooked up on a tree.I was so confused why.So,I decided to knock on every door in the neighborhood.One guy said 1,000 years ago a boy named Jordan.He was killed by the bike and the sprits brung it up.And whenever you touched that bike you’ll regret it.I didn’t believe it so,I went over and touched it.Nothing Happened.But,when i went home from school the next day i got 3 f’s.,I got grounded for 3 weeks.I was so mad then at dance practice i slipped and got stitches.the next day my cousin died.I was so snaggy.The end