A Bee’s Life. Ella

Life as a bee is extremely hard. My parents are bees and so am I. Most bees have short lives, including my parents. They both got stepped on by a child. I cried for days, but my parents did get noticed. There is this huge statue in the center of my hive. They turn the honored bees to metal and position them up there. I would never want to be put up there. I am the person who never wants to be noticed or honored. I wish no body knew about me. However, I was just crowned the queen bee.

The Golden Bees-Curtis

It was a rainy day, and everybody was inside but there were bees collecting nectar. They were invincible and they were golden. They got struck and acted like it was nothing at all. Once they got the nectar they stayed there for a second. Then the biggest lightning bolt was in the sky and it struck the golden bees. They were stuck there with the queen bee. The bees used there golden powers and got freed. The only problem was that there legs were mixed up. Some of them had very powerful legs and some had weak legs. Come back.

The witch Lana

Once upon a time, there was a bad witch named, Genny. She loved messing up the world. She had a box for bees because she hated bees. The box turned any bee who touched it into metal and the bee would become gold. Genny hadn’t used the bee box because she never needed too. Did I mention that Genny hated bees? When she was in her twenties, she became severely allergic to bees. She saw a bee’s nest outside once, and she put the bee box on the nest. Now, all of the bees are gold and metal. The End!


Once, there were some very rare golden bees! They always hung out with each other, and they would do anything for each other. One day, they were flying around, and they saw a white box! The first one said “Should we go in it?” The other bee said, “I don’t trust it…” They already went in, so the other bee went in as well. The bees try to see if they’re any flowers on the wall, by flying onto the wall. One bee liked it, and decided to stay there. The others joined along, and they stayed there for awhile.

The Golden bees- Maiyah

A year ago bees they owned the land. They were everywhere for years and years. The humans had enough. So they made a plan to kill all the bees but they couldn’t they needed honey, so as they tried to make plans, one group bees got so big, they were bigger than humans. They knew that they had to find a curse. It a very long time. 3 Months later. The bees overtook the land.  So all the built a statue and put the curse on it. They waited for the bees to come as soon as they landed their cursed.