100 wc by carmen

Once a girl was clothes shopping. She found a cute red skirt. She asked her mom can I get this skirt but her mom did not have enough money to pay for the skirt. The girl was very upset with her mom so she took the skirt and hid it in her backpack. The store worker luckily did not see her. When she came back from the store her mom went through her bag and found the red skirt. Her mom found the red skirt and made her daughter apologize to the store. Her daughter never stole anything again. The end. 

John the Red Apple-Gavin Green

Once upon a time there was a red apple named John. John lived a fairly normal life with two kids and a wife named Mary. One fateful day John’s life turned upside down. His wife demanded a divorce and since john didn’t sign a prenup Mary took all of his money. John already lost most of his money and he wasn’t about to loose his kids. Luckily for Mary the judges were on her side and gave her the kids. “ At least I still have my house” thought John. One week later Mary took John to court demanding his house. Sadly John lost his house. He was now on a bench in the park crying himself to sleep because he had lost everything.


One day I was walking down the sidewalk and saw a red bunny. it was night, and I saw this red bunny then a reminder came on my phone and said, “today is Easter.” I was so confused , and then the red bunny pooped out an egg. Then, I got a closer look at the bunny and I was frightened of what I saw. The bunny had four legs, two arms, and could talk. I was so scared that I just ran and ran. I still tell this story to my children, brothers, and sister. That was the scariest thing ever.

The red balloon -Isabel

The color of a balloon is red.  The balloon wanted to be any color it wanted to be but, it wanted to be the color red. The balloon tried out many colors to see what it liked. It tried yellow and it said it way too bright. It tried black and it was too dark. It went on and on with other colors. It was too bright or too dark. Then it came upon this red color.  It looked at it and tried it on. It figured it out that it was the color that fit it style the most.

The red wall – Kaden

There was once a red wall. I went there all the time when I had free time. Right after homework I would take my iPad, book, and a charger. I would usually stay there from 4-7 o’clock. It was really nice being alone sometimes and doing what I wanted to do. I would come back eat dinner, take a shower, brush my teeth, then go to bed. I didn’t go there everyday tough. I once walked passed it and it wasn’t there. I got so sad. Then a year later there was a new red wall and I got so happy.