Maiyah Everything red

Hello I am Mary the world was full of color, or as I thought. One day when I woke up everything was red I thought that I hadn’t fully woke up then i came downstairs, and told my sister are you seeing Red everywhere and she said “yes,” Then she said “are you okay,” she said I said “I am okay,” I lied. Why am I thee only one who sees everything is red              Then I went outside and nothing was colorful except a flower and the flower speared color again and I was happy that color was back again.

The Red Letter. Ella

The police are still looking for Jimmy. He went missing yesterday after some strange events. Yesterday, Jimmy and I got a red letter. The letter was completely blank. Jimmy and I thought it was just a scam so we threw it away. That afternoon, Jimmy could not be found. That was yesterday, and they still have not found him. I am starting to think it had to do with that red letter. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the world started disappearing around me. Then I was in white room. The light burned my eyes. Then I saw Jimmy. We were stuck.

The Red Clown Nose By Olivija

One day, a man in New York City was walking on his way to work and found a red clown nose. He didn’t think much about it so he took it to work and laughed about it with his friends. When he got back to his house he started hearing weird sounds coming from outside his window. Once he looked out the window, he saw a red clown. He was holding an axe and broke through the window. The clown said, “this is what you get for making fun of my nose!”. The man was never seen again by anyone.

Camp. Lana

At camp, we get separated by color at lunch. I was at the red table. I sat with my friend, Chole. She lived in Indiana and we are the same age.  Chole was my friend for the rest of camp. At the end of two weeks of camp, I got to see my family! My sister, Liza, was very happy to see me. My mom said that Liza was a mess because I was away for so long. I missed her too, but next year, I will go to camp for four weeks. I left camp with a red shirt.

The missed mom by:Kosiso

It was a beautiful day.  A girl named Ellie had a mom named Jane  who was in the military.  Her dad,  sister, and younger brother were all staying at home watching TV in their living room and Ellie became sad again.  Her and her mom were  always best friends.  Her mom made a phone call to her dad saying she will be home today.  He was excited.  Later that day there is a knock on the door and Ellie opened it and she saw her mom wearing a red military suit, hugged her by saying I love you so much mommy!