The Gold Potato-Kam

My family is a group of farmers.  We like to grow red potatoes because they are easy to grow.  A couple of years ago we had a potato crisis.  We ran out of potatoes we became very poor very quick.  I had to get a job because we had no money.  Once our crisis ended, there was potato in particular that was special.  The potato was gold.  We figured out that it would be sold for $35,000.  Once my family and I sold our potato, we were rich.  I knew that now that we sold the potato, life would be great!

The worst day ever By JADE

I rushed out of bed so quickly i slipped. Anyway i wore a red scarf because it was red day for my job. I brushed my teeth and ate a banana. I went to the car and guest what my gas ran out.  “ Can this day get any worse and it did. While I was calling the taxi a car ran over mud and it got on my scarf. By the time the taxi it was 1:30 my boss was going to kill me. So, I went out for lunch. I had Pizza Hut it was so good. The end.