The weird student? By Jade

It was a early school morning and i stayed up all night doing homework. I got up and got ready for school . I ate a orange and pancakes with milk it was so good. I got on the bus and i only live 15 minutes away from school on the bus. I got to school at 8: 30 that was bad because i want to go to school at 8:00. Anyway it was math time and it was group time. The teacher was discovering the orange dude was talking I said the orange one spoke first. It was a very heckled day. The end

Camp. Ella

At camp we are all classified as colors. The counselors did this to know who was supposed to do what. When I was first brought to camp everyone was to nervous to talk. All of the counselors were wearing different colored outfits. The orange one spoke first,” When you get assigned a color please go over to the counselor that is wearing your color.”     When I got assigned to the woman wearing green my spirits lifted. She looked very nice. After everyone got assigned a color the greens went to find their cabin. Or should I say mansion.Summer begins now!


One day there was a boy named Cole. His planet was getting taken over by aliens. So the aliens were saying things about the planet the orange one spoke first he said, “it was easy to take over this planet.” They were all getting ready to take us to there planet when a man from our planet ran away which created a distraction so we could run away! We all got away *yippee*! Then we were all running away when we saw the man who made a distraction was getting taken away. So I got him back and ran and ran.

The Silence Broke. By, Niko

There was a kingdom called the Super Secret Silencers. They never talked to each other. The king was called The King of Silence. If someone spoke, they would get kicked out forever. The only way to communicate was to use a pen and a piece of paper. The whole reason why this whole kingdom started was because the orange one spoke first. Everyone had to hear what he was saying. The old king started a silent kingdom just to get rid of the orange one. They kicked the orange one out and he never returned. The kingdom still stands today.

The orange one spoke first – Kaden

There was once these talking fruits. There was an apple and there was an orange. The apple’s name is Maria and the orange’s name is John. The orange one spoke first because he wanted to be friends. They wouldn’t tell anyone their secrets. There was also a pear named Bobby. Maria told Bobby a secret . Her secret was that she met a boy at school and liked him. Bobby told the big secret to the boy she was talking about. The boy started laughing and went on with the day. Maria started calling him annoying and they didn’t speak again.