Maiyah The End

I was at a circus with no one, just me when the show went on I said that I am never coming here again then I saw a  ballon I kicked it. Then I noticed tons of clowns around me I tried to escape but  one clown hit me in the head so hard I was unconscious. I woke up somewhere it was so frighting the clowns kept scaring me and put weapons near me I was so scared that I screamed for help and they slapped me and said there is no one here you are all alone now.


Today I went to the fair. I have never ever liked the fair. People always say it is so fun, but it isn’t.  Today I accidentally kicked my sister because I was so mad. I don’t get how my sister goes on those frightening rides. Her brown hair always wiped her in the face when she went plummeting down. The only thing I enjoy about the fair is the balloons. I make it a priority to always get a ballon. Today I got a ballon the same dark brown as my mother’s eyes. That was my trip to the fair.

The Other Dimension by Olivija

One day five friends were playing with a brown soccer ball in Jamie’s yard. Eventually they got a little too aggressive and kicked the brown ball through a random house’s window. They went inside to go retrieve it and when they came in they wished they never did. When they walked in, they saw a frightening scene. There was a man holding a brown balloon. He asked, “do you want to come play with me?”. Instantly, they were transported to another dimension. The man was there with them with his balloon. He had a creepy smile. They never came back.

The brown cat-Lana

I have a brown cat that never gives up. The cat’s name is Orlee. Orlee gets scared very easily. For example, she is scared of balloons.  She likes to play with balloons, but when she paws at them, they squeak. Every time the frightening balloon squeaks, she runs away. Two seconds later, she is back to play more. Another time, Orlee was chasing a soccer ball. When Orlee kicked the ball, it rolled away from her. Then, she did it again, and it deflated. At first, she was scared, but now, she realizes that there’s nothing to be afraid of.


It was Halloween and I was at a party. The party had a lot of balloons, but most of them were brown. I had never thought I would’ve went, but I went to the party anyway. There was a soccer game, and I kicked the ball back to them when it went out. The party was frightening when I walked in, because when I walked in a killer clown chased after me. After all, it was a good party with great food and decent drinks. It was also pretty fun because there was basketball, soccer, and kickball. I loved it!