It was an average day in the Grand Canyon, birds were chirping, people were hiking, and me and my friends were talking. This had been the moment we had all been waiting for since a year ago!! We had been so ecstatic that when we got out of the bus we all started jumping. I helped Jimmy off, his bag was heavier than I expected. We started to walk up the first cliff. Once we got to the top we were amazed by the beauty, we took a lot of photos, then we heard a scream and Jimmy was gone.

The Tabel-Curtis

I was in a competition and it was a strength competition.I was very strong in the legs and it was a raising competition on the legs weights on a Pilates machine and to see who could raise the 4 bar.When I was up I went on 1 which is 3 pounds of resistance, and then went to 2 which is 9 pounds, and the 3 which is 15 pounds and the 4 it was heavier than I expected and I tried and tried but it would not budge.I remembered one time when my little cousin tore up all of my money then I lifted the weight 30 pound weight.

It was Heavier Than I expected By,Niko

McJohn was an owner of a circus, but he was a clown. He picked up animals that were super heavy. One time he picked up an orangutan. One day a worker asked him to lift up a moose. He never lifted anything that heavy before. A moose is about 700 pounds. McJohn said that it was too expensive. But the worker said that he’s going to borrow a moose from another circus. The next day was circus day. He came out with the moose and tried lifting it. Then he yelled, “ It was heavier than I  expected!” He’ll never do that again!


One day I had to bring a huge box to my grandma’s house, and it was heavier than I expected. I was scared because my grandma’s house is about a 10 minute walk. So I carried the box as far as I could then I just fell. I couldn’t get up after that fall the box had fallen on me. Then I went to the Doctor’s office and took some x-ray’s and my leg was broke. I was so sad because now I can’t play basketball, soccer, baseball, or football. After a while I could walk again. So that’s the end!


One day I decided to help my mom with the groceries. I asked my mom if I can help her with it and she said yes, so I carried some of the bags. It went smoothly, but then my mom needed help with a bag, so I went to help her…It was filled with heavy stuff….But I was strong, so I decided to just help her anyway. When I went to help her, I tried to lift it up…It was heavier then I expected…I told my mom, “Mom, I need help lifting this up…” She agreed, and that was the last bag!