The little boy at Halloween Bye: Jade

Once upon a time a boy was at trick-or-treating with his friends. He was dressed up as a witch.His mother was out of town with his father. So he had to stay with his grandma and she is very old. They live in a very strict village in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. They are a believing God village. They hate negative stuff. The boy was only 8. On Halloween day he went to a lot of people house. He went to this one house where they said “ What a disgrace”. So the lady cast a spell and he turned into a statue.

The looking up statue – Kaden

There was a woman walking home from work. She suddenly started to look up at the looking up statue. It is a 33 foot tall stainless steal statue of a figure looking upward. She loved this statue so much she wished she could have one for herself in her backyard. She stopped by it at least 3 times a day to take a picture with it. Her birthday was coming up and as you guys can guess what they were gong to get her. They were going to get her a mini lookin up statue. When she got it she was delighted.

The long lost giant. Ella

Hi my name is Billie and i’m stuck here in New York looking at the sky. I have been standing here since the beginning of time. I don’t know how I got here. My father was like this super wizard guy. He always trapped people in stone but never me. But here I am, trapped in stone. Although my father didn’t do this, he was a part of it. I remember the last thing I saw was my dad’s face and everything went black and here I am now. Also did you know I am a very very big giant.

The Boy Who Looked Up By, Niko

There was a boy named Johnny, and he was very curious. He wanted to be an astronomer. His birthday was tomorrow, and he was super excited. He invited all of his friends over. It was time for him to go to bed, and he quickly went to sleep. It was the next day, and most of his friends came, and they played tag. When the party was over, he helped clean up with his mom until a rock fell and hit him. Then he looked up for a long time until he became tall and metal. He’s now a statue.


Once upon a time there were two aliens there names were, Henry and Jenna. They were twins. A girl and a boy. They lost there parents when they were little, because they were chasing a spaceship. When they tried to come back, but they’ve been lost ever since. Now they are twenty years old, and they both have a girl or boyfriend. Anyway back to the people on Earth. There is this really tall boy that always has his head up, and he always looks at the sky. One day he saw to aliens. It was twins Henry and Jenna.