The Man Who Was Tired. -Giova

There once was a man named Jeff, and he was up until 3:46 in the morning! He had to go to work, and he wasn’t up for it…He asked his friend if he should stay home, and his friend said, “You can’t stay home, if you do…You’ll miss work time, and money!” Jeff agreed to go to work, but after he got ready, he took some coffee to work. His boss asked Jeff, “Why did you bring coffee today? You never bring coffee.” Jeff said to his boss, “I’m sorry boss, I was up till 3:46.”

“It’s okay Jeff.” His boss walked away calmly.

the Aliens -Isabel

There was a tall man staring in the sky. He was wearing silver suit and tie. He’s all dressed up already to go up in the sky with the UFO. The UFO came and got him and took some cows with them. The UFO did experiments on the cows to see how they made milk. The guy that they took with them was actually alien in disguise.  They needed him on earth to get the cows.  They needed milk for their cereal  and then they made it silver. After that they ate their food  they went back home to sleep.  

The Giant-Gavin

Long, long ago in beginning of time there was once Giants called Kosisos. They were they tallest things ever. The average height of one was 39 ft but one was a giant among giants and her name is Ifedinmma. She is the only one still alive, the picture you saw is a mummified version of it. Not many people know about Ifedinanmma. You might be asking your self how, well I’ll tell you how. She lives in a really small town called Schererville and goes to a private school called Forest Ridge Academy. That is the story of the last kosiso.