The bicycle-Carmen

One day a girl named Hailey was really bored at work. She worked at a bicycle shop. She decided to go to the invention room and make a new bike. She just had to choose what she wanted it to look like and do. She chose it to be golden with a self driving with GPS. Hailey tested it, but it just wouldn’t take off. She forgot to press go. The bike went zooming around work, and her boss found her and stopped  her. Hailey got fired by her boss. Now she is a famous successful inventor. The very end.

When it just wouldn’t take off. Ella

Have you ever been on a plane before? Well I have, kind of. Me and my sister Lily’s first plane flight was on October 30, 1972. My mom Lily and I were going to Florida for a fun family vacation. When we were getting on the plane the pilot was talking to a repair man. I couldn’t make out all the words they were saying but I heard something about the engine not working. As I made it to my seat my stomach got really tight. After people got in their seats we started to take off but fell down.Everything went dark.

It would not takeoff – Kaden

I work at NASA. My team was going to launch a rocket by next week. We were making sure everything was correct for the final trial. We had some little changes to make it perfect. We were launching it tomorrow, and I was so excited. When I got there, all my teammates were waiting for me there. We all sprinted to the rocket because we were so excited. Then I started to hear the countdown. 3 – 2 – 1- BLASTOFF. All of my teammates pressed the button, but it didn’t take off. I was so confused. I was disappointed and wondered what went wrong.

The Rocket-Gavin Green

It was October 1, 2019 and NASA found a planet similar to Earth they named it ERT-54825828. So they built a rocket and they named it Apollo 14. The Launch was to happen on October 1, 2022. Turns out they doubled the time they needed to make the rocket so they made two. The team did a test launch on the extra rocket and  when it just wouldn’t take off the whole team freaked out. They started to check all of the rockets and the fuel amount. But it turned out they just pressed the wrong button. The astronaut made it to the new planet.

When my plane did not take off-Curtis

One day I decided to make a plane that had remote controls.When I started I was doing great and then my dog Duece came over and ran over it.I was very mad because he stepped on all of my amazing technology for the boosters.Then I did it again and I did painting and it was finished.I went to the soccer field for launching.I tried it and it did not go off.When it would just not take off I realized that I did not put the boosters on and it took 30 min to put them on and then it finally worked.