Isabel And the rocket ship Copy

I have been working on building a model rocket. Is it something that I’ve been doing with my dad. He is into those type of things rockets, and electronic gadgets.   He likes all things science. Since I am an only child he wants to do all of this with me.  That’s OK, because it is usually fun and I get to spend time with him.

When we finish the rocket we went to launch it. We set up a launch site in a big open field. Then we did the countdown to launch.   Three, two, one; I pressed the launch button. When it just wouldn’t take off I was the dejected.   So was my dad.  Then I saw a wire had come loose. We reconnected it and try it again.  This time the rocket soared off the launch pad, and so did our spirts.


The end



One day a kid named Ariana was window shopping. She was in the window of the fun and games store and saw a shiny yellow bicycle. She went inside the store very greedily. She went up to the store worker and said i want the yellow bicycle. The store worker said its 850 dollars. She was ok because she had Apple Pay. She bought the bike and then the store attendant warned her she should buy a helmet. She didn’t care she was so desperate ate to ride her bike she rode. Then she fell and broke her head. THE END.