The Spoiled Girl Who Couldn’t Find Her Rolex By, Niko

There was a spoiled girl named Marisa, and she told her friends that she had a Rolex. Everyone laughed at her. One girl sarcastically said, “ Sure, you totally have a Rolex.” Marisa said, “ Oh yes I do.” The other girl said,” prove it. Invite us to your house.“ At the end of the day, Marisa lied to her mother that it was a play date. On the weekend, the friends came. They went into Marisa’s  room, and Marisa opened the drawer of her dresser and there was nothing. “ But where did it go?”she shouted. She said, “Someone probably stole it!”

My iPod Ella

Hi my name is Ally, and I have to admit I love my iPod. People say I am addicted, but I’m not. Sure maybe I am on it a lot. But I am not addicted and I never will be. Today at school the worst possible thing happened. I lost my iPod!!! My friend shared my fear. “But where did it go?” She screamed. I had no idea where it had gone. Eventually my teacher was sick of my screaming and said she had taken it because I was using it in class. I left school feeling better definitely awesome.

Anime Festival. By Giova.

One day, I was at an anime festival, and it was awesome! I had to find Inuyasha, but since I was with a friend and her mother, I had to bring her along…It was so hard, but when we did find him, he gave us a box with stuff based on the show!!! We both said thank you, and we ran off!!! I set the box down for a little, and forgot it there!!! I shouted, “WHERE DID IT GO!?” Later, my friend gave me hers…I was so grateful that I offered a pop socket to her, but she refused.


Genny’s Phone LANA

I love my phone. I can not live without my phone. My friend is the complete opposite, because she loves sports. My friend’s name is Genny. She does not have a phone, because her parents think she will get too attached. She kind of misses out on everything though. Genny finally got a phone. The phone was gold, shiny, and huge. Her parents came to check on her phone. The phone disappeared!!!! “I put it right there, but where did it go?” she shouted. When her parents left, she found her big, gold phone. She was the happiest person ever.

The Missing Coat-Kam

One day my mom and I were on our way to the soccer field.  We were going because my brother has a soccer game.  I’m Joe by the way.  I like cheese and internet memes.  I didn’t want to go because my brother is bad at soccer and he would lose anyway.  Right before we left my mom couldn’t find her coat.  We looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it.  “BUT WHERE IS IT”.  She shouted.  We couldn’t go to the game which I don’t understand because it wasn’t even that cold.  I didn’t have to go there after all