The desperate yellow bicycle Ella

I just learned how to ride a bike in Alaska and have been dying to get a bike of my own.       My dream bike is a yellow bicycle and today we are going to go get it! But my dad says I’ve been warned that if I break it I will never get another. So on the way to the shop I prayed I wouldn’t lose or break it. When I walked into the shop there was a boy greedily saying all the bikes were his except a desperate looking yellow bike in the corner. It was my dream bike!

The desperate bicycle Lana

Once upon a time there was yellow bike. The bike greedily stole chocolate from stores. The bikes name is Genny. She doesn’t have any siblings,friends,or parents. Then, Genny found a friendly unicorn. The unicorn saw that Genny is lonely, so she said there are forty other unicorns on the other side of the mountain. The unicorn warned Genny to be smart. She said sometimes it is not good to go to the mountains. Sometimes, there are bad people in the mountains. Genny said she would be careful in the mountains. She went and she found nice friends that were unicorns.


One day a kid named Ariana was window shopping. She was in the window of the fun and games store and saw a shiny yellow bicycle. She went inside the store very greedily. She went up to the store worker and said i want the yellow bicycle. The store worker said its 850 dollars. She was ok because she had Apple Pay. She bought the bike and then the store attendant warned her she should buy a helmet. She didn’t care she was so desperate ate to ride her bike she rode. Then she fell and broke her head. THE END.

A Fantastic Journey-Kam

One day I was watching tv but all of the sudden I was like “What am I doing.” That was the start of my journey. I was desperate to get on my yellow bicycle, but my mother warned me not to. I greedily got on it anyway.
Then, My bike and I were zooming down the sidewalk faster than I have ever gone before. It was the best. Sadly, when I got half way down the hill a pebble hit the bike and I went flying. I was all banged up. I rode home. That was a really great Journey.


One summer day there was a little boy that desperately wanted to ride his yellow bike. His mom warned him you can not ride it you need to help the family do chores. But, the little boy greedily said, “I’m going to ride my bike anyway.” So the little boy rode his yellow bike. His mom never found out until later in the day when she was putting the little boy’s clothes away she saw the little boy riding his yellow bike outside so she waited and kept doing chores like she didn’t notice and the day summer day finished.