A swamp- Gavin

So recently, I’ve been hearing that the swamp behind town has evil ghost things in it. Obviously, I didn’t believe it immediately, and ignored it. But after many repeated sightings, I was tired of the complaints. A group of police officers and I went out into the swamp. Since it was daytime, we could see everything around us fairly clearly, so we put down our guard. When we made it to the area where the sightings were happening, we couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then we realized, it was just a whole bunch of creepy, decomposing tree stumps.

Some Mysterious Seed – Mohammad

One day, I was just in my house, when I needed to take out the trash. When I opened it there was a little seed inside. I wondered what it was. After I took out the trash, I went to the nearby stream and planted it. That was the worst mistake of my life. Apparently, the seed doubled up. Then, those seeds doubled up, and after that, that doubled up, and that turned into a giant mess. They were all over the place, even past the fence, where nobody DARED to go. I thought those creatures would devour our houses.

Karam-picture post 4/29/19

One day, I went into the woods after a rainstorm to explore. I walked around for almost an hour when I found a berry bush. I picked some, and when I turned to go home, I saw a clearing. I headed towards it and saw what looked like a person. I quickly dashed behind a nearby tree. When I peeked again, I saw that they hadn’t moved. I crept up behind the thing and pushed it. It fell over and I saw hundreds more up ahead. I realized that they were all leaves. I went back home, munching on berries.

The Skeletal Field-Michael

The field has been there for many years. It’s been scaring kids to make them cry out tears. This field is filled with skeletons covered in trash bags. The people had to get trash bags to cover there real bodies. For there real bodies are not what you want to be seen. For these skeletons are very elusive and keen at many things. You must run away before you get touched. These skeletons have quite the touch on your skin. They can turn you into one of them and make you there kin. PLEASE DON”T GO NEAR THIS FIELD!

The destruction of Zento – Nathaniel

Zento was a small city located deep in the amazon rainforest. It was very hidden so no one knew about it. The people there weren’t ordinary, but they were very small for humans, and there skin was very dark. One day it was unusually dry in the rainforest, and no one knew why. The village leader, Zeric, son of Binto called a city meeting. Everyone in the city came, and then he said, “Today is a very horrible day, and I want everyone to be as cautious as possible!” Then suddenly one of the thatch houses was on fire.