The hot zoo- Josie

On a hot summer day, we were so hot that I felt like I completely melted. I was really mad -also feeling excited- when my mom said we were going to the zoo. When we got into the zoo, we immediately saw a brown giraffe. We also saw kangaroos, bears, zebras, and other exotic zoo animals. Soon, we saw a food court and got some burgers. They were so salty and kind of greasy. We scarfed them down so quickly it felt like it wasn’t even there! After that we sadly had to go home. I had so much fun!

tHe CaNdY bAr – Nathaniel Spin-off – Gavin

Original idea and concept by Nathaniel. (I asked him for permission beforehand)

“Once upon a time,” the hobo explained, “there was this guy who fell off his bike because he ran into a candy bar.” “GASP!” Chad screamed. Chad was always extremely greasy for some reason, and his favorite animal is giraffes. “Was it a salted caramel chocolate bar?” He inquired. “NOOOO…!” The hobo yelled out as he writhed in pain. He had been hit by a parked car! “Chad… one… last… thing…” He whispered, “the candy bar was… brown… and MELTED!…” “Oh gee golly!” Said Chad, confused and disappointed.

The Candy Bar (Part 3) – Nathaniel

When I got up from the fall, I was suddenly right outside the candy bar. I looked at my leg, and blood was pouring down. It looked like the skin on my leg melted and created a faucet of blood. My leg felt like someone poured salt into my wound. Inside the candy bar, all you could see was dust and greasy wood. I saw a giraffe napkin, and wrapped it around my leg to stop the bleeding. Suddenly I heard the voice of a little girl giggling. She whispered, “Found you.”

”Who are you?” I said cautiously.



This can’t be real-Michael

I was going on a trip. On this trip, we would do so many cool things. We were going to go see giraffes at a museum. This trip didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. First, my pretzel with salt that I ordered didn’t have salt. Next, everyone there liked eating greasy foods that I don’t like so there wasn’t too many options. After, the giraffes there were fake giraffes that were brown, stuffed animals. Also, at the inside ice skating ring, the ice some how melted, so I couldn’t even skate. This trip turned out to be awful!


Tyler-salt, brown, melted, giraffe, and greasy

My family and I once took a trip to South Africa, and we were going to Kruger National Park. But on the way there we encountered a pack of giraffes. The giraffes were mostly brown, but some were yellow. On the bus, there was a gooey pizza with dripping melted cheese on it, and it was still greasy. My family and I stayed away from that seat. After we came back to our hotel to rest, there were a bunch of animals in my room.Some of them were lions, giraffes, zebras, and hippos.That was my wacky experience in South Africa.