Ava- 100 word challenge the haunted hotel

the door creeped open. A man with a black cloak on came in. Mr. skeleton gave him a scared look. The black cloaked man gave the skeleton the credit card. The skeleton gave him the room key. “ Welcome to the haunted hotel!” Said a vampire on the speakers. The cloaked man went to a candy bar. The doll asked what would you like? “ I would like some milk duds please.” Said the cloaked man. “Here you go.” Said the doll. The cloaked man went to a table and took a couple milk duds, and shoved them in his mouth. Yummy!

The magic candy bar!-Michael

This magic candy bar has all kinds of wonders! The candy is invisible and you can not see. This candy is in little groups of three! It’s under tables, and very far. This magic candy is even a bar. The stairs lead up to even more tasty treats. This cute candy is even clean and neat. The reason the room is so old and dark, is because it doesn’t light up until you see the candy! The spiders on spider webs creeping around everywhere, are really just there for the candy’s care! This candy bar is the best candy bar!


The deep Line – Gavin

Deep underneath the dark London sewers, there lies an abandoned train tunnel system, created to transport citizens from the various bomb shelters during world war 2. This would allow for the citizens to escape to other shelters if one was attacked, and for what was previously known as “The Market.” It was really just a regular farmer’s market type area, located above ground, that also had a secret entrance into the tunnels. After the deadly war, they stopped using it, and it became decrepit and overgrown. Then, after increasing safety concerns, the town blocked it off, never to be entered again.

The legend of the Candy Bar – Nathaniel

There was this one Candy Bar on Elm Street. There was a rumor in my town saying that a young girl died in the candy bar. I don’t think it’s true, but I have been having some strange dreams about a very young girl. I can remember so vividly, she has dark grey eyes, very pale skin, almost like a ghost. She was holding a brown teddy bear in her hand. She also had a very faded nightgown on. One day I had a dream were she was telling me to come to the abandoned Candy bar. Part 2 coming soon.

The Best Candy Bar Ever— Katie

When my family and I went to an uncommon museum.  It looked deserted, none of us were  surprised.   There were no lights except the one down the stairs so we headed that way.  After climbing down the stairs we looked to our left and there was a sign that said “Candy Bars”.  Everyone tried one and it tasted awful I spit it out in disgust and left.  When we all woke up we were in shock everything that we could ever imagine was right there in front of them. I thought to myself I think it ‘s the candy bar.