Happy Birthday! – Gavin

It was my 11th birthday, and I was super excited for my presents that year. I had wished for a bunch of N64 games, and since I didn’t have any other games for it yet, I was overflowing with anticipation. When night finally came, my relatives began arriving, and the gifts were lining up. When it finally came time to open them, I was shaking with excitement.  I open the first gift and… empty. What a surprise! I was very upset, and no other birthday party was ever the same.

This was entirely made up by my mind, plus reality.

100WC Katie

I was doing my homework when my dog started barking at me. I ignored it. Then, she did it even louder I was getting very annoyed. I thought that she had to go outside so I opened the door to let her out but she didn’t budge. I thought maybe she wanted to be taken for a walk so I took her for a walk but it wasn’t it either. I thought maybe she wants food so I got out her food and gave her it. When I went to check on her her bowl was empty. What a surprise!!


I was looking for my cookie jar for hours . Finally I found it. Empty-what a surprise.  No one likes cookies in this house except for me. Who could have eaten them? I had to get to the bottom of this. I put the cookie jar out in the middle of the kitchen table. I was watching through a window but when someone walked up to it my sister was blocking the window. Finally I found the culprit, it was my goldfish I saw him jump out of his tank and go and eat them. Wow what a smart Golfish.

Ava 100 word challenge. The Empty Google Classroom

One day after school, I was sitting on my comfy bed. I went to do Google Classroom to find what homework we have, but when I got in google classroom was empty!  What a surprise. I refreshed it, but nothing. I was starting to worry. There is nothing in there, so I have no clue what we have for homework. That means I will fail all the assignments. I grabbed my Mom. She gave me her phone and said read the email. I read it and it said we were so good we didn’t need any homework I’m happy.

Tyler ..empty. What a surprise!…

Yesterday was November Fourteenth, and it was my birthday. I came home and ate my dinner. I was going to my room to finish up my homework, but my family was distracting me. I was opening presents, and after that we ate cake. The cake was delicious and my presents were amazing. I was finally going up to my room to finish my homework, and when I opened my backpack nothing was inside, it was empty. What a surprise! Then I learned that my family had convinced my teacher to not give me homework. That was the best birthday surprise.