The Fall of Zia – Nathaniel

Zia was a beautiful city that was located in in Eastern Asia. The city was full of riches such as gold coins, bars, and other various gold items. The city was very populated, and it just kept growing and growing. One day everyone in the city were shocked to see that their castle started sinking into the pavement. The royal family noticed, and quickly took a red ladder down the castle. As they made it down, the castle shook so violently that they were knocked off the ladder and plummeted to there demise. The whole kingdom soon was brutally destroyed.

The weird school- Michael

There is many schools that are weird, but this school is the weirdest school I have ever seen. When I go to math class, the math teacher is givnig a red coin to anyone who can answer the question correctly. The next worst thing is that we have to climb a ladder to get to the cafeteria for lunch! How insane is that! Outside the school, the pavement that you walk on is purple! The last and most weird thing is that they have quick sand for trying to see how it feels to be sinking! I want to leave!

100WC= Katie

I was walking my dog, Penny, when ahead of me, a strange glowing light came out of the pavemment.  I was very curious; so I went in for a closer look.   I noticed the light was coming from a myserious portal! I didn’t know where it led, but everything around it was sinking into the light. First, it was the coins in my pocket. Next, it was a red car across the street from me. Then, it was Penny and me!  As soon as we got sucked in, I immediately spotted a ladder; that helped me climb out to safety.


“The town is painted red, and for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, a lot of paint got on the  pavement, so we have to get rid of it.” said a local before the incident.

“The ladder they had used to paint all of the high walls was last seen sinking into the ocean, along with 29 tons of asphalt pavement. The people of the town, appalled by the situation, threw their coins in the water, which still confuses many today. The town suddenly disappeared, and was later seen transforming into A HELICOPTER?!?! Wait, who wrote the script? Timmy baker did. Why Timmy? Why?!”

The wishing fountain-Josie

One early morning, I was going for a jog, then i see a wishing fountain! I happened to have a few coins in my pocket, so i made a wish for an angel halo! I threw the coins in and i saw that they were sinking very quickly. Then the pavement around the fountain was turning red! I saw a box in the water, so i picked it up. I opened it slowly to find an angel halo! Then someone came over with a ladder. He told me that they were taking it down! I ran away with my halo.