Jasmine 100wc Copy

I was running around the block and all of a sudden I saw a red ladder, sinking in wet pavement that was filled with coins. I walked over and offered to help get the ladder out of the wet pavement, but they refused to let me. They told me that someone already tried, and they got sucked in the ground. That’s why there were coins everywhere. They fell out the bag. I decided to risk it and try to help . I was able to get her out and we recovered all of her coins. She was happy that I helped.

Ava- 100 word challenge

One day, Me and me mom were driving in her red car, to the house we were building. When we got there, there was a ladder that was sinking in the cement!  It sadly went in,they told my mom that they couldn’t work on it until two days were up. We went home devastated. Two days later, we went back and they were working on the house! We were so happy. My mom thanked the workers for getting right back on it. When we got back home. We watched house builders to remind us that our house was being built.