Why do I have sisters? – Gavin

When I came back to my house after leaving for the summer, I was excited and happy. But when I went inside, and saw what my sisters had done with my stuff, I blew my top. They had taken a bunch of things from my room, and damaged them. They also took a bunch of my game disks and got fingerprints all over them. Someone even left them out in the sun! After I saw this, I was so cross that I yelled at them repeatedly. Later, they cleaned my room to say they were sorry, and I forgave them.

Ava- 100 wc The Day I Couldn’t Finish My Ice Cream.

One day, I was walking around the park with my dog. When I noticed driving in the paved roads, there was a pink happy ice cream truck! I tied my dog to a wooden chair and ran to the ice cream truck. “Hi can I have vanilla ice cream with sprinkles please?” I asked. “Totally” said the ice cream man. He gave me the ice cream and I ran back accidentally dropping it. I was so cross that I actually broke the chair that my dog was tied to, and she started running around like crazy. Uh oh. The end

The intense game by, Aden E

One day there was a very intense “Sorry” game there were four teams, blue, green, red, and yellow. Yellow was in the lead one day with red right behind them, and they soon tied up with one spot to go. Right then yellow got a 1 and won the game. The next day they went back at it, this time red was in the lead. Green was mad today and came up to the top. I was on the green team and I was so cross that I came behind the red and smacked one of their pieces off the board.

The legend of the candy bar part 2 – Nathaniel

I told my parents that I was going to a friend’s house, but actually I was going to the candy bar. I took my bike and pumped my leg’s as fast as I could. My blood was pumping, my legs felt like jelly. I was going so fast that I didnt see the car coming straight for me. It happened faster than I could say, “Oh no!” I was hit and flew down the street. My skin was getting peeled off, and then I heard a young girl say, “I got you.” And she started laughing hysterically. Part 3 coming soon.

Karam …I was so cross that…

Over summer break, I went to London. It was an amazing place. I went to all the museums around my hotel. By the time it was night, I was dead tired. I went straight to bed in my dirty clothes. The next day, I went to all the train stations around my hotel. When I got to King’s Cross, it poured rain so hard that we couldn’t leave the station for several hours. I was so cross that it was raining. Eventually, it stopped raining and we boarded the train. Then we went back home to my house in Indiana.