Sophie-100WC- This Is A Warning

If you’re thinking about paying for Gerald’s Radio Service, just remember this and don’t. The ads you see about GRS might look good but they are completely wrong. I made this mistake far to early on. I tried to listen to the music they were playing, but it was completely out of tune and sounded awful. Even the podcast and news channels sounded like a 80’s tv. Everything was unclear and vague. There have even been theories going around on the internet about how the system might be corrupted. Do not make my mistake and and don’t get Gerald’s Radio Service.


A tradition-Gavin

”Ah, my old ukulele” Dad said. Peter and his father had ventured into their attic after Peter inquired on his father’s childhood, which he had kept shrouded in mystery. After seeing Peter confused with the item, he explained how he had loved music as a child, but had never been able to pursue his dreams. Afterwards, he strummed the ukulele, revealing that it was completely out of tune. Peter, startled by the noise, cringed back, and knocked over a stack of boxes. Dad chuckled, and asked if Peter wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. Peter replied with excitement.

Karam 2/12/19

One day, I signed up for a drum class at a music store. I bought a book to help me in the lessons. When my teacher told me to play a certain piece, I played it flawlessly. A week later, he told me to play a much harder piece. When I did, I thought it sounded fine, but he said it was completely out of tune. I was so sad, I didn’t go for a month and a half. When I finally went, I told the teacher that I was going to stop taking lessons. I went home and slept.

An old guitar- Josie

One morning, after breakfast, I was in the mood to write a new song. I asked my dad where his guitar was. He said it was super old and dusty. I didn’t mind and went upstairs to get it. When i got the guitar case and opened it, it was super dusty like my dad said. I blew all the dust off and started to play. It was completely out of tune! I asked my dad to tune it back up again. He did and i started to play a beautiful song. I’m always in the mood to play guitar.

Jasmine 100wc it was completely out of tune

Yesterday, I was at Avas house for a sleepover. Then all at once she started to sing at the top of her lungs, but it was completely out of tune. I tried to tell he, but I would feel bad, so I kept it to myself. Because I didn’t say anything, the tune only got worse. She was getting louder and louder, until I could barley hear at all. Finally I decided to tell her the truth. She  was glad I told her about it, and the rest of the day was awesome. I had so much fun that day.