Jasmine 100wc

One day, I was headed to the supermarket, across the street. All of a sudden, the sky started flickering. Then, it started raining black eggs! I had to stop my trip to the suppermarket. Then I went home and washed  up. Then I put on a shirt with multi colored fringe, and went outside with an umbrella. Once I got to the supermarket, I put my umbrella in the rack and went to look for the fruit and veggie aisle. After I payed, I left my umbrella on the rack, forgetting it was raining eggs. Boy, did I get dirty.

The weird breakfast By:Aden

One day, on a bright morning, I went down stairs and smelt the worst breakfast ever. I came to the kitchen and asked my mom what are we having for breakfast. She told me we were having black eggs, I asked her “what is that?”. She told me it was a family recipe. Then she told me to wash the dish and i told her I did. When you was done the stove kep flickering, then the plates became fringe! Then I woke up. “Is this the real world?” I said. Then My mom walked in and said yes.

OH NO! – Nathaniel

I went downstairs to go wash some clothes, and something unexpected happened. When I was about to put the laundry in, I saw some eggs randomly laying on the ground. I walked over to them, and as soon as I picked them up they turned pitch black. The lights started flickering, and the fringe on my sweatshirt was going nuts. I started getting freaked out, and then I saw a pale looking figure floating to my laundry basket. I was so scared I couldn’t move. Suddenly the lights stopped flickering, and the figure was gone. “OH NO, MY LAUNDRY BASKET!”

Ava 100 word challenge- eggs on my blanket

One day, I was tying on the last fringe to my black blanket. As I finished the light flickered few times. My mom just washed the dishes. Was it that? I ran downstairs with my blanket, but when i got down there was smoke! We had a fire in our house! My mom had overdone the eggs! My mom put out the fire, but the disappointing part was that the eggs flew and smashed on my blanket! I don’t care that there was even a fire, my blanket was ruined! Poor poor blanket eggs do not even go with blankets.


fringe, eggs, black, washed, and flickering

One morning I woke up to flickering lights.My mom made me eggs and I went to school . My teacher got mad at my classmates because they were tearing the fringe off of the black pillows. When my teacher washed the pillows they turned green. The next day the whole school was green. It felt like I was dreaming. it turns out i was dreaming. But then it came true every thing was really green. Even when I watched movies they were green. I hope Im not color blind.