The Tornado!!!! (Katie)

Everyone was talking about the tornado coming with the evening storm.  We went into our basement and tried to go to bed, but I was too nervous and stayed awake.  The storm began, the lights started flickering, and the fringe on the ceiling light fixture started swaying from the winds.  All of a sudden, it was pitch black in the house!  I tried to feel around for the flashlight, but instead knocked down a carton of eggs sitting on the counter. What a mess!  Then I washed myself and the counter, the storm had passed and we were all safe!

Gavin – A day in the life of a grown-up spoiled child.

This is not a real person. This is a joke. Someone is pulling the fringe off of the throw pillows, and when I washed the black clothing, it all faded, so that’s great. And now we’re all out of the eggs we needed to make enchiladas! Life is so hard, worrying about washing all of the expensive, excessive clothing we never should have bought. Now, if I were you, I’d worry about more important things, like the people around me or the consequences of my actions. But my parents taught me to worry about stupid things, so you should too.

What blankets can really do-Michael

I was chilling  at home. I decided that on a cold rainy day I might as well snuggle up under a blanket while watching my favorite movie. When I was done watching this movie, I took the blanket off of me. I suddenly notice that all the fringe on the blanket was gone! Next,  I noticed  that the blanket turned black and wasn’t red anymore! I then started washing  the blanket. While the blanket was being washed, I cooked myself some eggs and devoured them as usual. I took the blanket from the washing machine and it was now flickering!

The Eggs That Turn To Paper – Mohammad

One day my parents were making me eggs for breakfast. The next thing that happened was really srange. When I looked at it, it turned to black paper! Well, now I have no breakfast. It had a lot of fringe as if it had been torn from a notebook of some sort. Since eggs had a bit of moisture, this paper appeared washed. My parents had given these eggs to me hot, the paper was flickering now. I decided to head off to school and decided to pretend that none of this nonsense ever came to the existence of Earth.

The lamest day ever- Nico

One day, a boy named Nico woke up in the morning so he could go to school. His day started out really ruff. The black clothes that he was going to wear, didn’t get washed. When he went to make himself breakfast, he dropped the eggs and it ended up all over his kitchen floor. After he cleaned up the mess, he went to school. When he walked into the classroom, he saw lights flickering at him. His classmates were taking pictures of him because he was wearing a shirt with 20 fringes on it. This was the lamest day ever.