How to cook 101 – Nathaniel

My brother and I were getting the camera ready for another episode of “How to cook 101 with Nathaniel”. Once we were ready, my brother started recording. “So for this dish” I said  enthusiastically “You will need some vinegar. I got up and walked toward the vinegar. I brought it back to the table, and opened it. As soon as I opened it, the vinegar was so sharp I couldn’t see or smell. I started getting nauseous, and light headed. At once, everything went black. I FAINTED! As soon as I hit the ground my brother said “That’s all for today!”

The vinegar- Josie

One day, a girl named Zoey woke up to a horrible smell. She went down stairs to see a pool of vinegar on the floor! She went up to the vinegar and asked her mom what had happened. Her mom explained that there was a spill while doing an experiment. She accidentally slipped on the vinegar and got a little in her mouth! The vinegar was to sharp and tasted disgusting. Zoey ended up helping her mom anyway. The rest of the day all she smelt was vinegar. Vinegar is one thing she hopes to never see again. The End.

Ava- 100 word challenge- The vinegar science experiment

“Ok class,” my teacher said. “Today we will do the vinegar science experiment.” I was not excited for this. We grabbed the vinegar. I smelled it a lot, and the vinegar was to sharp. I started coughing, and coughing. My friend thought I was choking! She grabbed me and started shaking me and saying, “ She is Choking!” I told her I was fine, and we went on with our experiment. We poured the water, the milk, the glitter, and the activator. It created a beautiful firework show! So maybe that very sharp vinegar  actually does pay off, sometimes. The End.

Entitled Person – Gavin

“Why do we need to cook?” Asked Kevin. “I want to. Right now!” Screamed Tyrone, caterwauling simultaneously. The two were standing in a Sendik’s parking lot, arguing about cooking. “Fine!” shouted Kevin, “But you have to do everything yourself! Including buying the food!” “But I don’t wanna!” wailed Tyrone. “Too bad!” I assure you that Tyrone is an adult human being. They both stormed off, in a much worse mood than before. They later meet in the kitchen. Tyrone dumped 5 bottles of white vinegar into the pot. It tasted horrible. Tyrone complained for hours, “But the vinegar was too sharp!”

100 WC————— Katie

I was very excited, it was close to my favorite holiday, Easter.  It’s one of my favorite holidays because our family tradition is to dye Easter eggs. Our whole house was decorated and ready for Easter, except for the eggs. I always look forward to dying the eggs red or green, they look the best. Mom got out the vinegar, and mixed it with the food coloring, the solution was ready.  I dipped my egg in and noticed the vinegar was to sharp and burned my nose. Although the smell of the vinegar was bad, we had a great time!