Why magic is unfair-michael

I can’t believe some people have magic. In my opinion, it is not even fair to do magic. There once was a lady who could make people disappear. How is this even fair! This lady played on a girls basketball team. When another girl had a open shot, the lady made her disappear. I understand the lady has magic, but how could she just disappear. People tried to find the f girl that disappeared, but there was nowhere to be found. This is one example of why I think magic is unfair. I think absoulutely  nobody should have magic powers!

Jasmine 100wc

I was walking down the street to the store with both of my sisters. Then, all of a sudden my smallest sister, Becky, vanished. “But how could she just disappear like that?” asked my older sister. The only reply I could think of was,” I don’t know”. We wandered of trying to find Becky. Finally we found her and she told us all about what happened. Her friend, Jenny, ran up to her and without telling me, they both ran off to the candy store all the way across town. We were just glad that she was safe at home.

The Magic Show! KARAM

Once, a group of kids went to a magic show at the beach. They sat down as the show started. First, the magician put a lady in a box and sawed through. The children stared in horror. Somehow, the woman was unharmed. Next, they did a disappearing illusion. The woman stepped into a box, and the man pressed a button on a console. When the door to the box opened, the lady was gone! “How could she have disappeared?!”cried one of the children. The all decided to find out where she went. The kids snuck backstage, and found the lady.


One day I was going to watch a famous magician in Las Vegas. We went to the Rio Theater to watch her. I was so excited to see what kind of amazing tricks she could pull off. She did many incredible tricks but her last trick was the most unbelievable. She was talking to the audience and she was laughing and joking with the crowd. She held a black magic wand and suddenly just vanished. I thought to myself how could she just disappear like that.We never saw here again after that. That was the best show I ever saw!

Sophie- But How Could She Just Disappear- 100WC

My friends and I decided that we should go to the school Halloween party. It was dark outside, only lit by the lights from the party, and there were a bunch of cheesy costumes. It was surprisingly crowded. We were getting pretty bored, so we decided to play sardines. Martha volunteered be the first hider, because she was always the best at hiding. We all counted to ten with our eyes closed. We opened our eyes, but how she could just disappear was incredible. It took us around twenty minutes to finish, but with good effort we finally did it.