Gavin- A boat or something in 2D

When Mr. Boaterman went down to the dock this evening to take a midnight sail, he discovered something horrible: his boat had vanished! “How could she just vanish?” He cried. His family tried to comfort him, but Mr. Boaterman could not be comforted. “And that is our reserve news story, now we have to make stuff up,” The news narrator finished. But what they didn’t know was that Mr. Boaterman was gazing through the security cameras to find his dear missing yacht boat. He soon spotted it in the tower cafeteria, which was surrounded by windows. He then grabbed it.

Ava 100 word challenge- hide and go seek gone wrong

One day, Me, my friend Mallorie, and my cousin Haley were playing hide and go seek. I was counting, and Mallorie and Haley were hiding. I found Mallorie, but I couldn’t find Haley. I asked Mallorie to help me, but we still couldn’t find her. We looked everywhere in the house, ”but how could she have just disappeared?” Mallorie asked. We kept looking, but as we heard a sneeze, Haley was right behind us the whole entire time. We all were laughing on the ground. It was the most best hide and go seek game I had ever played in my life.

The Mysterious Twisty Slide Katie

My friend Juliana and I decided to go down the twisty slide because it’s the tallest and fastest slide at the park.  Juliana went first and climbed all the way to the top.  As I waited for what seemed to be 5 minutes, I started to realize that she had not come down yet.  I climbed after her and yelled her name, Juliana didn’t respond. I thought to myself, “but how could she just disappear like that”? Wanting to find my friend, I slid through the twisty slide, everything went black and dizzy, when I came out, I was somewhere different!

Susan’s lucky day- Nico

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Susan that would always do experiments. None of her experiments hardly ever worked. One day after school, Susan mixed some chemicals together to try and make some goo. When you touch the goo, you would disappear. Susan worked on her experiment for about 2 hours straight. She said that she was really close to a ground breaking discovery.  I thought it was going to be another failure, but it wasn’t. She put her hands in the goo and she vanished. I thought to myself, but how could she just disappear, that’s impossible.

The girl who disappeared By: Aden

Once upon a time there were two kids, one was a boy the other is a girl. They were best friends till the little girl disappeared. After awhile they went on an adventure, but soon after the girl started to writhe in pain. After that she disappeared no one knew where, but how could she disappear? That was the question everyone would think this, so they sent out a search party the leader of it was the boy. After awhile they found her in a ditch screaming for help. The boy jumped down and threw her up to save Her.