Jasmine 100wc

I was riding my pink bicycle all of a sudden a million bubbles appeared on the road. They were apparently coming from a empty hole in the ground. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. “How were all these bubbles being created out of nothing at all?” I questioned. Then my friend came over to me and told me it was a new particle in the air called pontrium and when the wind blew it made bubbles. Right after this I had a job interview and I got fired  on the first day. My day was still a really good one.

The weirdest family ever- Josie.

One afternoon, me and my friend were playing on the playground. A little kid passes by the playground on hi bicycle.  He was screaming on the top of his lungs “ I’M FIRED!” The parents didn’t mind, they just followed him, while blowing  pink bubbles. When the bottle of bubbles was empty, we soon ran straight home and told everyone. I’m really surprised that the parts did not even TRY to stop him. Even from my house I can still hear him screaming “IM FIRED, IM FIRED!” We went back to the park the next morning just to see him again!

Karam- 1-15-19

One day, I was doing my job at my PINK desk. I was doing my job. When I finished, there was nothing to do so I was very bored. To cure my boredom, I went on the internet and looked at memes for hours. I got so immersed in them that I didn’t realize my boss came up behind me and barked “You’re FIRED.” After the place closed and EMPTIED, I went on my BICYCLE to my boss’s house. When I got there, I did something so horrible to him that he cried. I blew BUBBLES in his small eyes.

The Empty Pink Bicycle That Fired Bubbles- Mohammad

One day, I saw a new bicycle in the house next to mine. It was pink, and it had a cannon. It was weird, but I didn’t think too much of it. I thought someone would ride it. When I went back to that house, nobody was riding it. I said “Bicycle?” in confusion, and it started to move itself! Whoops, I triggered a magical bicycle, mind you was still empty. When I looked away for about 5 seconds and looked back, it fired bubbles! I could not believe my eyes. I was also probably getting sued for this major screwup.



One day, I was riding my bicycle around my neighborhood. It was a warm, sunny, and a generally happy day, and the sky was empty of clouds. As I was riding, I saw a girl blowing bubbles from a pink bottle. When I got closer to the end of the road, I heard a man yelling, but all I heard was, “…don’t know why I got fired, I just know….,” and then I couldn’t hear him. I turned around and everything repeated. The man yelling, the empty sky, the girl with the bubbles, and I remembered how great today was.