A normal morning-Josie

One morning Timmy, would not get out of bed! He would be late for school if he slept in again. His mother walked in, and saw him sleeping. She opened the blinds to the window. The light blinded him. Timmy jumped out of bed and went down stairs to eat breakfast. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, and got his backpack and left. He was very surprised that he wasn’t late this time. When school finally ended, his friend and him went back to his house and played with dinosaurs all night! Thank goodness it was a weekend!

The End!

Karam- 1/7/19

One day there was a boy who liked to explore. When he is supposed to be sleeping, he goes out to the woods in hopes of finding something cool. On one unusually starless night, he went to a new area. He saw a light quite a distance away. He started towards it. As he got closer, the light grew brighter. By the time he was close, the light blinded him. He was very curious, so he went around the side. It was some kind of door, so he went through. He ended up in bed. It was all a dream!

The Beautiful Dolphin KATIE

Katie loves dolphins and always dreamed of meeting one in real life.  One day, that dream became a reality. Katie was heading off to her favorite spot, Pearl Cove, a cave that nobody knows about. She went there hoping to see a rare, sparkly, grey dolphin named Seurat.  Katie spotted Seurat jumping out of the water but then the light from the sun blinded her.  She was sad and thought she would never see this rare dolphin again.   Then out of nowhere, Seurat came back, splashed Katie and she realized it was the one animal she’s been waiting to see.










Angelo100word challenge

I was playing video games with my friend when all of a sudden….. a strong light blinded him! It was the New Years count down . My friend and I were very exited because we had magically appeared in Times Square! We saw ninja playing Fortnite and we saw the giant ball !  Turns out I was just dreaming but I wish I was actually there. Oh my gosh my dad said that my family and I are going this a dream come true. January 1st is also  my moms birthday so we also celebrated her birthday on New Year’s Day .



The boy who walked up a 1,000,000 step castle – Mohammad

Unce upon a time, there was a very determined boy. He wanted to do everything in the world. There was also a castle. It was the tallest castle in the world. It was a million steps tall. He wanted to climb it. The castle was in a faraway country called Poland. After he was at Poland, he found the castle. He climbed for 5 days, and then he was almost there. When he was up there, the light blinded him so much he couldn’t see. When he went up there, he saw all of Poland. Then he jumped off the castle….