On Christmas I will wear this costume. I made it myself with homemade material. My friend was sleeping over yesterday and she saw it. She went to it and touched it a little. It was only a mask at the time though. When we went to bed she snuck out and put it on. Then is when I heard a big rip. I got up a looked at it, It was in to pieces. Her excuse was it was not her size. The one part that was left, the light we put on the Christmas tree and called it over.

Karam-100 WC 12-10-18

On Christmas morning, I woke up groggily and checked the time. it was still four in the morning. I went back to sleep and woke up again at eight thirty. I was hungry, so I went downstairs to get some food. Instead, I saw a glowing tree with gifts under them. I was taken aback by the unexpected appearance of these decorations. I felt like someone was watching me when I opened a present. I looked up and saw one of those weird blue eyes that you can find at antique stores. I just ignored it and enjoyed my day.

The Christmas Night Katie’s 100WC

It was the night of Christmas Eve when I heard some disturbing nosies coming from the office. Our Christmas tree lays waiting for Santa to arrive and put presents under it. I slowly walked down the hall and down a flight of stairs. I peered around the corner and then I saw Santa Claus! He scurried away quickly and hurried up the chimny, but left a  present with my name on it. I opened it quickly and out shot a yellow light with 4 objects .  They were an eye,an ornament,berries,and holly.  I felt that it was a clue to somewhere special.

Ava 100 word challenge- The Perfect Gift

It was Christmas Eve, everything was on the tree like ordements, and there was holly by the front door. When I was putting logs in the fire, I noticed that I had to get a gift for my best friend Katey from theater! I ran to target to get the perfect gift. There had to be something there that I could buy for her. I walked through the store, and went to the clothes section. That’s the exact moment that I found the perfect pair of dark blue ripped jeans, and a pink sweatshirt. On Christmas Day, Katey loved it!

The Giant by:Adyson Kaufman

Onece upon a time, there lived a blue giant. The giant only came on Christmas to haunt little kids. That’s why there was a princess named Jessica, she wanted Giant to be freed, no one would listen they say he’s dangerous. Christmas Eve came along and, everyone was filled with love, helped out people in need, and cared. The giant saw, and felt left out, that’s why the princess was nice, she snuck out at night and freed the giant. The giant promised not to hurt anyone and didn’t, so everyone trusted him and  Giant came to Christmas every year!