The Story Of The Animal Heads-By, Aden El Harit

Once upon a time there were three animals, Bull, Horse, and Elk they were friends when ever a hunter came by they would fight together to keep them away, but one day a massive hunter came he hated animals so he killed the Elk then the Horse then the Bull and he put them in a marble statue and left them in his house. When the hunter had a family the animals spirts were sick of living in the cold marble statue so they decided to scare his famliy to leave the home and get a new home, miles away.

Sophie-100wc-Pic. prompt

In the mountains of Colorado, lives a mountain tribe. This tribe praises the spirits of the Mountain Sheep, the Bull Cow, and the Horse. These three animals once roamed the mountains, haunting them to keep human life outside the mountains. This tribe entered unwatingly and have built the three totems as their share to roam the mountains. They use the totems to communicate to the spirits, and ask for permission for exploration. Every day they give something to the totems as their payment for them to live in the mountains. No one has heard from the tribe for a long time.

Ava 100 word challenge- the super three animals

400 years ago  the super three animals Mr.goat,,and mr. bull had saved 3,789 people from an avalanche. They always saved every single person from any problem they faced. One day they found the evil three insects making a plan to erupt  Mount Rounder. The most important volcano in the world! Luckily mr. goat had a plan. They were going to climb up to the volcano plug it so the insects could not erupt it, then tell the police. There plan was a sucsess and the three evil insects were arrested. Then they had a big big big big  big party!!! The end.

Jasmine 100wc

Once upon a time, there were three little boys that wanted to learn how to ride horses. Their father thought it was a good idea. The mother soon heard the news and thought they deserved some horses that were special. She got some mutated horses, like ones with goat, bull, and dog heads. When they received their cool horses they wanted to ride them at once. But their fairy godmother was jealous. So she decided to sabotage their horses. She turned them to stone!  When they told their parents, they decided to move. The kids never saw their godmother again.

A Storm Happened – Mohammad

One day I was playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on my iPad. Outside, it was raining outside. For some odd reason, it was purple. I heard a HUGE lightning strike, louder than the lightning strike in Paradise Palms, which happened a few minutes ago. My power went out, and my iPad died, so I went to sleep. When I woke up, I walked past where the lightning struck. There was something off about it.There were three statues. They were of a goat, a horse, and a bull. The weird thing was, they weren’t there before. The statues over there are weird.