The Looping Portal – Brogan

One day, three kids went on a trip to an abandoned castle. They wanted to see it because it was haunted. When they got there they were all suprised by the size. It was humongous. Inside, they found the great hall. There was a guitar that one of the boys played and a ball of light appeared. They were sucked in and woke up in a dark room with a door. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress to the door. They stopped and rested. When they saw a man looking at them, they were saved.

The Dog Named Flash – Kai

I was playing fetch with my dog “Flash,” and I threw it as far as I could. I was running toward the ball loking back at my dog and ALTHOUGH WE WERE RUNNINGG QUICKLY WE SEEMED TO MAKE NOT ENOUGH PROGRESS. The ball kept rolling and rolling and it didn’t stop. My dog went flying past me! He  ran so quickly I could not believe my eyes! He ran and ran and finally caught up with the ball. He ran back to me so quickly that I fell back when he reached me. So, that’s how I named my dog.

The long walk-Arthur

One day there was a boy named Jack, he was so determined to make it to the tallest hill in the city. He tried every day and night just to make it up the hill. But he kept falling. But today he said “I will make it!” He started early in the morning so that he would be back on time for school. Then he started. He climbed and climbed for at least 5 hours. He had a little break and kept on going. At the time chimed 9 o’clock he was at least 16 km away. Although he climbed quickly there wasn’t enough effort.

No progress – Jayden

One day, scientists reported that a monster, that they were reporting, broke out of its cage! Fox News said, “That monster was after two kids named Jovan and Carson.” They were on a sleep-over. The monster got word and started to head toward their house. Once the monster made it to their house he ripped off the roof. Once Carson and Jovan saw they started running but, it looked like they were running, but, making NO progress. They kept, kept, and still kept running. They ran down stairs, then out the door, then past the monster’s foot. They made it!

The Big Scary Monster- Carson

There was once two children and their mom. They were trying to survive on an island. The sad part was that they had lost their dad. They didn’t know what happened to him. One day later, the two children went to go get food, but all of a sudden, they saw a big huge monster starting to chase after them. They ran as fast as they could to get away. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. At last, they found a portal that led somewhere. When they jumped in it, they saw their dad!