The Begining By Omer

In the begining, or begining of time. Their were Unicorns everywhere. Their were Dragons roaming in the air like kings. The Trolls would roam like wanderers and help those not blessed with a gift of height. One day, their was a battle which lasted for millenia the dragons had to turn their children to soldiers. The uncorns had to fight. And the trolls could not help. They left a message can’t be translated. This is the message ⊕⊗ζζδΨ ℜℵψωφ ΦΞΠΣ ℘θϒℑβ∏. If you decipher it the message will reveal something that will surprise it will reveal answers to questions. Bye.

My Life-Ian

In the beginning, I was a tiny baby like any other person. I was very chubby, weighing more than 7 pounds! When I became 3 I could dunk on a little tikes basketball hoop for the first time! When I was 5 I could run fastly and could do some math. I really wanted to play soccer when I was 7 but cried. Since I was 9 I started baseball and I was insanely good at baseball. I was a catcher and a slugger. I am now 11 and I play basketball, baseball, soccer, and dodgeball. I would really love to see in my bright future.


In the beginning of the Middle Ages there was a king. He had the biggest kingdom of all the land.  All the people were all nice, kind, and happy! It was until that fateful day that all the other small kingdoms got jealous and overpowered the kingdom. The king was sourrounded with his family nowhere to go. The evil greedy kings took his wife and son and tortured then starved them! Forever the king stands alone in his kingdom surviving only on apples. Sadly this story does not have a happy ending, and this is why it’s called medevil times.

The Beginning-Jayden

Grandpa and I were all around a camp fire camping out with my grandpa just for fun. He was telling us a story and he starter it off as “In the beginning It was just me in the village and everything was burning down. I had nowhere to go and nothing to do. There was fire surrounding me and I couldn’t run a guy had me in a area and had sword ready to kill me but I dont remember what happens next, grandpa said!”  I was so bad and told mom everything but the story we roasted s’mores.