The Treasure Chest! By: Lina El Samad!

One night, some pirates decided to go steal all the gold from a hidden treasure chest. This chest wasn’t just filled with gold, it was also filled with jewelry, gems, and many more valuable things! So the pirates followed the map and got their diving gear on. They jumped into the water, and looked all over for the treasure chest. At first, they couldn’t find the chest, but then they found it under a huge pile of sand. The pirates hauled it back to the ship, and then one of the pirates asked, “But where would we hide it all?”

The robbery- Jayden

It was the day where the goverment was about to take my home. I needed money so I got some of my friends to do a robbery. We were gonna rob the First Midwest Bank. We broke in and blew open the safe. The police were coming, we ran as fast as we could with $3.9 million. I got a mansion after that all three of us spilt the money equally and never got caught. We thought where are we gonna hide all the money? We didn’t care about where we’re gonna hide it. Let’s just spend it all! The End

Unicorn Thieves – Cate

One day, a girl was taking a stroll around her block. She saw a group of kids with unicorns, now, the girl’s name  was Lilly. She ran home and told her parents. They said it was her imagination, but she really saw it. The kids followed her home. They heard the family talking.  The first kid said that they had to hide the unicorns. The second kid said, ” But where would we put them all?” They ran to the first girls garage. They were never seen again. Lilly was relieved. She ran and jumped in excitement and joy. The End!